Automating Google Analytics Reports with Apps Scripts (Video)

Google Analytics is great in providing insights to your website with more than 200 touch points. Combine that with Apps Scripts, you can now automate some of your usual process flows easily with just a few lines of codes.

Watch Nick Mihailovski and Ikai Lan from the Analytics and Apps team on how they integrate Google Analytics with Google Apps Script.


Learning Resources From Google

Google provides some great resources to learn AdWords, analytics and SEO online.

Here are 3 great sites where you can do some self-learning in these 3 areas.

  • Webmaster Academy – Not exactly the typical SEO course that you can find online but this is still a source of information right from the search engine themselves on what Google looks for in websites to perform well in Google search results.

In the event that you need any assistance in preparing yourselves for the Google Certification Program, we do provide in-house training program to facilitate that. Just contact us for more details.


Google Analytics Real Time Reports

Google announced the availability of real time reports recently and was rolling it out to selected users in phases.

I just discovered that my Google Analytics account has real time reports enabled.

If you have not seen it in your GA account yet, let me just quickly show you how cool it is to see your web traffic in real time.

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SEO Reports Available in Google Analytics

SEO Queries Report in Google Analytics

Google recently announced the incorporation of the Search Queries in Google Webmaster Tools into Google Analytics.

It’s a feature that I have always wanted as it saves time without visiting 2 different platforms to get some insights on organic traffic.

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