SEO Cheat Sheat for Web Developers

I have worked with a number of web developers and I am pretty sure a number of them will find this SEO cheat sheet useful if they want to build more than just the usual web page.

SEOMoz or now known as just Moz used to have the first version released a few years back and this latest 2013 edition has been updated by Danny Dover. By the way Danny Dover is the author of Search Engine Optimization Secrets, one of the few good SEO books around (in my opinion).

The SEO Cheat sheet can be downloaded here.

Print it out or placed them in your favorite folders after downloading it for a good reference.

The 2013 Digital Marketer Report

According to an excerpt in the 2013 Digital Marketer Report, 5 websites captured 20% of all search activity in the last quarter of 2012. The 5 websites are:

  1. Facebook – 8.48%
  2. YouTube – 5.55 %
  3. Yahoo! – 2.63%
  4. Wikipedia – 2.01%
  5. – 1.4%

Discover the amount of traffic captured by the top 10 to top 1000 websites in this excerpt at Experian

Considering that we now know the top 5 websites that captured search traffic, how are you making use of these 5 websites to promote your products and services?

Learning Resources From Google

Google provides some great resources to learn AdWords, analytics and SEO online.

Here are 3 great sites where you can do some self-learning in these 3 areas.

  • Webmaster Academy – Not exactly the typical SEO course that you can find online but this is still a source of information right from the search engine themselves on what Google looks for in websites to perform well in Google search results.

In the event that you need any assistance in preparing yourselves for the Google Certification Program, we do provide in-house training program to facilitate that. Just contact us for more details.


Disavow Links Tool

Got the wrong advice when you started out doing SEO and built the type of links that may seemed “unnatural” to Google?

And your requests to removed these links from the website owners are going to deaf ears?

Well, Google came up with the disavow links tool to help you sort that out. You can find the disavow links tool in Google Webmaster Tools.

You can learn more about the disavow link tool in this blog post and also refer to Matt Cutt’s slides on this tool in his PubCon 2012 Las Vegas presentation.

Actionable Items from BlueGlassX 2012

Jon Cooper shares some actionable items that he gathered from the recent BlueGlassX 2012. The 3 key areas covered in his recap are:

  1. Beyond the Buzz: The True Power of Content Marketing (Speaker – Hugo Guzman & Kevin Gibbons)
  2. How to Build A Large, Passionate Audience from Scratch With No Connections(Speakers –  Rob Woods & Derek Halpern)
  3. Link Building Strategies That Actually Work (Speakers – Julie Joyce & Ross Hudgens)

Read his full recap of these 3 sessions here.