The Guys Behind Arevo Digital

CK Wong

CK Wong has been partnering with top notch IT entrepreneurs and kick-started various companies for the past 12 years. Some of his past projects include setting up one of the electronic commerce initiative for the government, restructured and obtained funding for an online customer service company and setting up an animation studio that provides services to the Japanese game industy.

While working on various projects, CK Wong has the the opportunity to service a diversified range of companies and organisations. Some of them include Microsoft, NTT Data, Pfizer, Astro, Digi Telecommunications, Celcom and the Ministry of Finance.

CK Wong graduated with an Accounting degree from the University Of Kent at Canterbury, United Kingdom and obtained his MBA from Staffordshire University,United Kingdom. He is a Google Certified Analytics Individual and a Qualified Individual in Google AdWords. CK is also a OMCP Certified Professional and a member of the Digital Analytics Association.