How to Use Google Analytics Data in AdWords

In October 2012, AdWords enabled Google Analytics metrics to be incorporated in your AdWords account. After 2 months of the release of this feature, find out how John Gritton, a top contributor in the AdWords community, uses these new metrics in his campaigns.

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Actionable Items from BlueGlassX 2012

Jon Cooper shares some actionable items that he gathered from the recent BlueGlassX 2012. The 3 key areas covered in his recap are:

  1. Beyond the Buzz: The True Power of Content Marketing (Speaker – Hugo Guzman & Kevin Gibbons)
  2. How to Build A Large, Passionate Audience from Scratch With No Connections(Speakers –  Rob Woods & Derek Halpern)
  3. Link Building Strategies That Actually Work (Speakers – Julie Joyce & Ross Hudgens)

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Google Analytics Real Time Reports

Google announced the availability of real time reports recently and was rolling it out to selected users in phases.

I just discovered that my Google Analytics account has real time reports enabled.

If you have not seen it in your GA account yet, let me just quickly show you how cool it is to see your web traffic in real time.

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Steve Jobs – A Visionary That Will Be Greatly Missed

I thought I heard it wrongly while I was driving to work this morning that Steve Jobs has passed away. Almost wanted to call the radio DJ up to tell her that retiring as a CEO does not mean he’s resting in peace.

But after doing a quick check on my Facebook timeline, it was all over the net that Steve is longer with us.

May he rest in peace.

This is how the home page on the Apple website looks like today. It’s a dedicated tribute to the great man.

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SEO Reports Available in Google Analytics

SEO Queries Report in Google Analytics

Google recently announced the incorporation of the Search Queries in Google Webmaster Tools into Google Analytics.

It’s a feature that I have always wanted as it saves time without visiting 2 different platforms to get some insights on organic traffic.

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